Who is Behind This? - Don't Blacklist Pets

Who is Behind This?

Why would anyone want to throw a wrench into the work of zoos and aquariums? Or medical researchers? Or the pet trade?

Animal liberation extremists want to ban all human uses of animals–in zoos, for research, and even as pets. 

One group of extremists supportive of this kind of legislation is the Center for Biological Diversity. This group asked the federal government last year to ban wildlife imports as “injurious.” It also petitioned for an import/export ban of all wild birds and mammals.

Center for Biological Diversity is a mix of animal liberation and environmental radicals whose founders have spoken of “inflict[ing] severe economic pain” and “bring[ing] industrial civilization to its knees.” 

According to the New Yorker, in a profile of the Center titled “No People Allowed,” the net effect of CBD’s extreme agenda means “settlements would be reduced, structures would be taken down, jobs would be lost.”

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